Fine Art


 Karin Jansson was born in August, 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden. She moved with her family to New Jersey as a preschooler. She attended a private school in New York City (where, between classes, she could be found immersed in the art of the nearby Metropolitan Museum).

Summers throughout her early years were filled with family visits to Sweden and England, the homelands of her parents. But it was a trip to California that captured her artistic imagination. She reports "My fascination with the west was a surprise. I felt a strong pull there from the time I was a kid. I don't know why, after all those trips to European castles and cathedrals. I just felt very much alive and at home in that particular quality of light. I loved the wide open golden landscape and I still do." She attended the University of California, Santa Cruz   where she graduated in 1979 with a B.A. in fine art. 

 After graduation, she returned to Manhattan. Karin worked for a Soho gallery briefly, but still felt drawn west. During this time, she discovered textile design. Karin launched a 22 year freelance career working for prominent New York studios in the design of women and children's wear, home decoration, and over-the-counter fabrics.

In 1987, Karin returned to the west coast and began to create a powerful body of large colored pencil drawings, while maintaining her fabric design business. She opened her studio to the public through the Bay Area Pro-Arts Open Studio every year. She was also a member of the Berkeley Coop ACCI. At this time, her art was included in "30 Contemporary Women Artists" by Pomegranate Art Books.  

Karin has served as a fine art consultant for two Carmel galleries. Her art work has also continued to blossom and develop into new areas. She has expanded her efforts into wood sculpting and hand-painted furniture. This grounding in three-dimensional art has given her new work a stronger sense of depth. It has influenced her new primary focus for her creative endeavors... painting in acrylic.

Now living in the Carmel Valley, she is painting the landscape she knows and loves best. Her inspiration is the spectacular scenery of her beach walks and frequent (steep) hikes in the Big Sur.