Fine Art

About the paintings

I started painting...

in 2008 after working in a Carmel gallery for a year or so and thinking... "I can do that!" I decided to do just that. The local landscape was my focus at first and then I became fascinated by water-  the colors underneath, the water itself and the sky reflected on it. I will always trust and follow the flow of water, creativity, love and life.    

About the drawings

They were done...

between 1987 and 1998. I am including them for archival purposes only. They will always be considered by me to be an integral part of a pivotal, vibrant and exciting time in my life. I found my own imagery and my own way of bringing ideas to fruition. I loved the process- it slowed down my quick and mercurial mind as I learned to patiently lay down layers upon layers of colored pencil to form an image. The slowness invited me to deeply commune with the spirit and intention that I was bringing forth.